Diploma in Civil Engineering Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

September 30, 2022
Three Months


Office # 27, Second Floor, Maryam Shadi Hall Plaza (Airies Plaza), Shamsabad, Murree Road,   View map



An introduction to engineering problem solving through the use of computer spreadsheets. Topics include functions, referencing, conditional statements, graphs, trendlines and iterative solvers.Principles of measurements of distances, elevation and angles. Basic error theory in measurement and calculations. Basic principles of surveying and map making.From fundamental theory to practical application and advanced technologies, this class covers all aspects of GPS needed to understand and use GPS as a land surveyor including the basics of GPS technology, common hardware, surveying methods, survey design, planning and observing, real-time kinematics and DGPS.Introduced to the public, quasi-public, and private depositories of recorded and non-recorded documents that establish land ownership boundaries, easement boundaries, and land use rights and restrictions in both the Public Land Survey System and the Colonial States. Assignments will require work to be conducted during depositories’ normal business hours.Covers all major areas of real property law, including the nature of real property, types of ownership, real estate contracts, title and insurance, financing, landlord and tenant, land use, environmental law and regulation. An understanding of real property law is fundamental to understanding boundary law.Land Surveyors are in great demand in various sectors including oil &gas, mining, infrastructure, construction, civil engineering etc. Land surveyor education is mostly associated with civil engineering discipline. Most of the surveyors have informal education, through work experience, restricting their growth option. This course meets the long felt need for skilled manpower in this field. There is also a huge demand of land surveyors in foreign countries. The study material will be sent to students once each semester. The assignments related to study material will be sent twice each semester, to be completed and sent back by the candidate within stipulated time period.Field training is mandatory to complete this course. Institute has all the required equipment & facilities to impart field training in association with surveying industry. Foreign students have a choice to undergo this training in their own country as well.

Course Outline
Introduction Civil Surveyor
Classification of survey
Civil Serveyor
Principles of survey
Chain survey
Plotting of chain survey
Compass survey
Bearing system
Drawing Scales
Types of scales
Technical terms
Purpose of Leveling
Plain table survey
Methods of plane table survey
Adjustment of Levels
Total Station Practical Training
Auto level Practical Training
Theodolite Practical Training
GPS Practical Training


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