Diploma in Business Management Course in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

March 20, 2023


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Business administration includes the supervision, organization and coordination of business resources andoperations to achieve specific goals. A business economist has a wide range of tasks, e.gdaily tasks to be completed to ensure the overall health of the company and its projects,cash flow and team members. In this we discuss the introduction to business administration in its entirety.The introduction to business administration requires dealing with the functions usually consideredplanning, organization, direction, control and control. In simple terms, it’s the job of onebusiness managers to ensure that staff and resources are effectively coordinated so that thenecessary work can be done and business goals can be achieved.The study of business administration is being expanded, especially in the national and international area. Here we describe a brief introduction to business management, including the necessary skills and daily duties of a business leader.

Business Management Course Outline:

What is management & what is the Manager’s job
Management functions
Management roles
Management skills
Why study management?
Early Management
Classical Approach
Behavioral Approach
Quantitative Approach
Contemporary Approach
Leading Change
Corporate Responsibility
Economics Economy and Trade
Personal and Professional Development

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