Diploma EFI Auto Electrician Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan

March 14, 2023


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Automotive electricians are installation, testing, servicing, and automotive experts. Repair all electrical parts of your car. They are usually cars, trucks, Buses and other vehicles in the transportation industry. Some auto electricians also work For inspection and repair of farm equipment. Automotive electricians can work on systems and components such as:

Air conditioning, alarm systems, alternators, anti-lock braking systems, anti-theft devices, batteries, circuit boards, diagnostic lights, fuel injection systems, headlights, heating systems, ignition systems, instruments, lighting systems, radios, starters, contagion; infection. Becoming an automotive electrician usually requires at least a high school diploma or GED. Most states also require these professionals to earn cars electrical qualification. This may include pursuing professional automotive education Vehicle service technicians and mechanics specializing in electronics. Another option is an associate’s degree in a field such as electronics or electrical engineering technology.

The educational system emphasis mind-streching approch that increase information seeking aptitude and emphasises abilities to boost young confidence in dealing with the turmoil of the global corporate world. The institute’s primary goal is to give high-quality management, technical, Safety & IT Physical / Online courses.For certification, this institute is affiliated with the Govt of Pakistan, PSDA also international certfication awarding body to UK, USA, Canada, ISO. We analyse and recognize talent at all levels by providing a variety of certifications, professional registrations, content and skill framework, and other resources.

EFI Auto Electrician Course Outline:

Basics of auto electrician.
Usage of workshop tools.
Various electrical components, their location, operation, and function.
Function & operation of battery.
Construction and operation of self-starter.
Construction and operation of charging system.
Construction and operation of ignition system
Different circuits applied in a Car wiring.
The operation of EFI electronics
Air-conditioning system of vehicle
Gasoline vehicle diagnosing through digital scanner

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