Auto Mechanical Course in Rawalpindi

September 30, 2022
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Auto Mechanical Course in Rawalpindi

Auto Mechanical The objective of this course is to produce skilled Automobile Mechanic for the market. The course has been developed keeping in view the market needs as it has been developed after making a competency profile for an Automobile Mechanic. Major focus of this course is on equipping the trainees with core as well as technical competencies required to perform the job of an Automobile Mechanic efficiently and effectively. The course is hence; designed in such a way that it has a major portion which is devoted to practical skills is aided by theory to gain maximum benefit. After completing the course, trainee will be able to work as a skilled worker in auto industry, or can start his own business. An auto mechanic is a trades person and mechanic with a variety of automobile makes or either in a specific area or in a specific make of automobile. In repairing cars, their main role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly.

Auto Mechanical Module 1
Introduction to Auto Mechanics
• The Auto Mechanics Trade Today and Tomorrow
• Safety First: What You Need to Know on Day One
• On Overview of Automobile Systems and Their Main Repair and Maintenance Tasks
• Important Tools and Instruments
• Practical Exercises
• Alternative Fuels and Automotive Technologies

Auto Mechanical Module 2
Automotive Technology
• Careers in the Automotive Industry
• Workplace Skills
• Basic Theories and Math
• Automotive Systems
• Hand Tools and Shop Equipment
• Diagnostic Equipment and Special Tools
• Working Safely In the Shop
• Preventative Maintenance and Basic Services

Auto Mechanical Module 3
• Automotive Engine Designs and Diagnosis
• Engine Disassembly and Cleaning
• Lower End Theory and Service
• Upper End Theory and Service
• Engine Sealing and Reassembly
• Lubricating and Cooling Systems

Auto Mechanical Module 4
• Basics of Electrical Systems
• General Electrical System Diagnostics and Service
• Batteries: Theory, Diagnosis, and Service
• Starting and Motor Systems
• Charging Systems
• Lighting Systems
• Instrumentation and Information Displays
• Basics of Electronics and Computer Systems
• Electrical Accessories

Auto Mechanical Module 5
Engine Performance
• Engine Performance Systems
• Detailed Diagnosis and Sensors
• Ignition Systems
• Ignition System Diagnosis and Service
• Gasoline, Diesel and Other Fuels
• Fuel Delivery Systems
• Electronic Fuel Injection
• Fuel Injection System Diagnosis and Service
• Intake and Exhaust Systems
• Emission Control Systems
• Emission Control Diagnosis and Service
• Hybrid Vehicles
• Electric Vehicles

Auto Mechanical Module 6
Manual and Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles,
Suspension and Steering Systems, Brakes and Passenger Comfort
• Clutches
• Manual Transmission and Transaxles
• Manual Transmission and Transaxle Service
• Drive Axles and Differentials
• Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
• Electronic Automatic Transmissions
• Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Service
• Four and All-Wheel Drive
• Tires and Wheels
• Suspension and Steering Systems
• Restraint Systems
• Wheel Alignment
• Brake Systems
• Drum and Disc Brakes
• Anti-lock Brake, Traction Control, and Stability Control Systems
• Heating and Air Conditioning
• Heating and Air Conditioning Diagnosis and Service

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Auto Mechanical Course in Rawalpindi

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