AC Technician Course in Rawalpindi

January 31, 2023
02 Months


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AC Technician Course in Rawalpindi

AC technicians, also called air conditioning mechanics and installers, specialize in the installation, maintenance or repair of air conditioning units in homes. Although technicians tend to specialize in one of the two areas, they are trained to be able to both install and perform maintenance/repairs on AC units. Installers place equipment, as well as connect water supply lines, air pumps, wiring and controls. Maintenance and repair technicians keep systems operating efficiently by checking equipment and looking for leaks; they make repairs using hand and power tools, a variety of measurement gauges and acetylene torches. AC Technician Course is a very important domain of building HVAC service which is having huge demand throughout the world. The following to be applied in a manner consistent with its purpose: Basic concepts of HVAC system, Knowledge about AC components and their working functions, Understanding of refrigeration cycle, Basic knowledge in electrical field.Based upon the precaution checklist one should be capable of installing and also supervising the ease of handling and maintaining of tools, Preparation of installation checklist and service reports, Preventive maintenance, Diagnosis of troubleshooting and Behavior skills.Meanwhile one has to have the basic knowledge of unitary air conditioning unit’s installation, and also the estimation of works and time management.

Course Modules:

Reading Blueprints
Reading Schematics and Symbols
Mathematics in the Plant
Making Measurements
Metals in the Plant
Nonmetals in the Plant
Hand Tools
Industrial Safety and Health
Troubleshooting Skills

Electrical Systems
Basic Electricity and Electronics
Transformers and AC Circuits
Electrical Safety and Protection
AC Control Equipment
Electrical Troubleshooting
Electrical Safety in the Workplace—
Understanding NFPA 70E®

Mechanical Systems
Basic Mechanics
Lubricants and Lubrication
Piping Systems
Basic Pneumatic
Pneumatic Troubleshooting

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
The Refrigeration Cycle
Refrigerants & Refrigerant Oils
Evaporators and Metering Devices
Condensers and Cooling Towers
Control Systems
Air-Handling Systems
System Troubleshooting
Absorption Chillers
Heat Pumps
Heating System Basics
Heating System Equipment

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