Workplace Safety Health Officer Course in Rawalpindi

August 10, 2020
03 Months


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Safety Courses

Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health Officer Course

This course aims to train personnel to be competent Workplace, Safety and Health (WSH) Officers under the WSH Qualifications framework. The competency-based course covers comprehensively the planning, implementation and control.You will gain a thorough understanding of key aspects such as risk analysis, hazard identification and control, safety education and training, and best practice policies for the implementation of effective safety programs.

Duties of Safety Officers

Any officer of an organisation, volunteer or paid, must exercise due diligence to ensure that the organisation complies with its health and safety duties. This means they must ensure that the organisation has appropriate systems of work in place and they must actively monitor and evaluate health and safety management within the organisation.

Exercising due diligence as an officer means that officers must take reasonable steps to:

  • continuously learn about and keep up to date with work health and safety matters
  • have an understanding of the nature of the work the organisation does and stay aware of the risks workers and volunteers may face when working for the organisation
  • ensure and verify that the organisation has available for use, and uses, appropriate resources and processes to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety
  • ensure and verify the organisation has processes in place for communicating and considering information regarding work health and safety and responding to that information, and
  • ensure and verify the organisation has, and implements, processes for complying with any duties and requirements under work health and safety (WHS) law.

Workplace Safety and Health Course Contents:

1.Establish WSH Policy and Advise on WSH Legal Compliance Issues
2.Identify WSH Hazards and Assess WSH Risks
3.Recommend WSH Control Measures
4.Manage WSH Risks
5.Develop a WSH Culture
6.Design and Implement Behavioural Safety Programme
7.Establish and Review Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
8.Establish and Manage WSH Incident Investigation and Analysis Process
9.Establish  Measurement and Monitoring of WSH Performance
10.Manage Internal WSH Management System Audit
11.Lead Workplace communication and Engagement
12.Compose Technical Report
13.Plan, Prepare and Deliver Presentations
14.Establish Environmental Management System
15.Develop a WSH Management System
16.Manage WSH in Construction Industry

For Registration: 0092-311-5193625 / 0092-335-4176949

Workplace Safety Health Officer Course in Rawalpindi

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