Web & Graphic Designing Course In Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

October 2, 2023
Two Months


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Computer Courses

Our Graphic Design programmes teach you how to visualise an idea from a concept to impactful communications. Learn to design brand identities, web pages, social media posts, brochures, etc. Create a portfolio based on real-world projects as part of the course and get hired by top brands. Choose from our part-time Certificate/Diploma course or a full-time Postgraduate Diploma course.

There’s no doubt that Graphic Design is in high demand. A quick look at any job board will show you that businesses are searching for qualified graphic designers to help them with everything from creating website designs to developing marketing materials. In 2018, the global Graphic Design industry was worth an estimated $964 billion. By 2025, this is expected to rise to $1.08 trillion.

Creating Templates.

HTML [HTML4.01, XHTML1.0, HTML5.0]

  • Introduction HTML, New Features in HTML 5.0
  • HTML Syntax and Rules.
  • Head Section, Meta tags, scripts, CSS, Elements, Attributes and Values.
  • Layouts (Table, DIV’s, HTML5) & Paragraph.
  • Links. (Anchor Links, Email Links, Named Anchor Links)
  • Forms, Form methods, Inputs, HTML Validations.
  • Design a website Using Tools.


  • Introduction CSS.
  • CSS Types (Inline, Internal, External).
  • Selectors. (Universal Selectors, ID Selectors, Class Selectors, Attribute Selectors etc..)
  • Properties. (Type,  Background, Block, Box, List, Border, Positioning)
  • Create layout using HTML with CSS.
  • New Features in CSS3.

Javascript & Jquery:

  • Introduction JavaScript, Jquery.
  • Jquery Syntax, Comments  and Types.
  • Rules in JavaScript.
  • Functions ,Variables, Events, alert, operators, Statements, Loops,array, strings.
  • Form Validation and Other Examples.
  • Gallery, Slideshows, menus, other resources Implementation.

Web Hosting:

  • Domain registration, Hosting Types.
  • Name Server Integration.
  • Cpanels, WHM Panels.
  • Creating Emails.
  • File Transfers. (Upload, Download)
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