Scaffolding Level 2 Course in Rawalpindi,Pakistan

March 14, 2023


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Scaffolding Level 2 Course in Rawalpindi,Pakistan
Provide participants with the knowledge and skills to enable them to set up, reconstruct, and dismantle medium-complexity scaffold structures in conventional tubular and connected scaffolds and general system scaffolds. Level 2 scaffolders are only required to assemble and disassemble the scaffolding structures covered in the course. Can work as part of a team, but cannot directly perform tasks outside the scope of training. Appropriate direct supervision is always required.
Course Outline:

Course presentation and registration
Theory review and preparation
A hands-on demonstration following the candidate’s task of assembling the basic ‘frame’ of a free-standing tubular scaffold, based on a basic drawing
Assembly and dismantling of independent tubular scaffolding, work according to drawings
Assembly and dismantling of independent tubular scaffolding with returns, work according to drawings
Using ladders and element carriers for bridge and outrigger work
Practical skill evaluation 1 “Assembly and dismantling of self-supporting scaffolding with tubes and fittings”
Practical test 2 “Installation and dismantling of system scaffolding”
Practical test 3 “Construction and dismantling of pipes and valve towers”
Mock test 4 “Assembling and dismantling the framework”
Practical skill evaluation 5 “Assembly and dismantling of roof saddle scaffolding”
Theory revision and theory evaluation
Course evaluation and provisional results

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