Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QC-QA) course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan

March 20, 2023
One Year


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Engineering Courses

Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QC-QA)

Quality Control is a comprehensive course in QC terminology, practices, statistics, and troubleshooting for the clinical laboratory. Designed for those who have little or no experience with quality control but need a firm grounding, this course will help all students quickly and easily identify and correct errors in quality control procedures. Concepts covered include: running assayed and unassayed controls, specificity, sensitivity, Westgard rules, Levey-Jennings charts, Youden plots, and CUSUM calculations. ICTE also offers an “Introduction to Quality Control” course to complement the more detailed and thorough presentation in this course.

Quality Assurance:

This introductory course in Quality Assurance is part of the curriculum for the students majoring in operations management for their post secondary diploma in business management. Students will learn the basics of statistical process control and total quality management.

Course Contents:

TQM Principles
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
TQM Tools
Quality Systems

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