QC Electrical Quality Control Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

March 20, 2023


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QC Electrical Quality Control

Electrical QA/QC and Accountability In engineering, it is very important to ensure the quality of the engineering work done. Because even the slightest mistake in service quality can cost not only money but also human life. With this in mind. Various governments and quality certification bodies have issued laws and standards that must be followed throughout the complete installation process. Maintaining such standards during construction or installation is known as quality control.


Thorough maintenance and servicing of such installed/existing systems. Performed on a regular basis to prevent further failure of these systems, is called Quality Assurance. The education system emphasizes a mind-broadening approach that enhances information seeking skills.An emphasizes the ability of young people to build confidence in coping with the turmoil of the global corporate world.

The main purpose of this institute is to provide high quality management, engineering, security and IT physics/online courses. In terms of certification, the agency is affiliated with the Government of Pakistan, PSDA and is also an international certification issuing agency for the UK, US, Canada and ISO. We analyze and recognize talent at all levels by offering a variety of certifications, professional registrations, content and competency frameworks, and other resources.

Course Outline:

Introduction of Industries
Oil gas plant
Manufacturing industries
Power plants
Oil refinery
Project quality control requirements
Plans development requirements for review
Conformance to cad standards
Design documentation requirements
Quality control responsibilities
Quality control reviews
Design review requirements of Electrical apparatus
Phase reviews Electrical Engineering
Review process of Plant
Review reports of Electrical Equipment
Checking of Electrical drawings Module-4 right-of-way, constructability, and bid ability reviews
Right-of-way reviews
Constructability review
Method of documentation of comments, coordination and responses
Documentation of comments and responses
Requests for changes to the scope
Quality assurance
QA of consultant projects
reviews of consultant designs electrical Basis
Process improvement Oil and Gas
Management review
Internal and external project audit
Follow up

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