QC Electrical Quality Control Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

December 17, 2022


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ELECTRICAL QA/QC AND RESPONSIBILITIES In engineering it is very important to make sure of the quality of engineering work
done. This is very important as a small mistake in the quality of service provided can cost not just money but also lives.
Considering this, various governments and quality certifying institutions have released laws and standards that are to be
maintained from the beginning to the end of a complete installation process. Maintaining such standards at the time of
construction or installation is known as Quality Control. Thorough maintenance and servicing of such installed/ existing
systems, conducted periodically to make sure that there are no further faults on these systems is known as Quality

Course Outline:

Introduction of Industries
About the standard in industries(IS,IEC,IEEE, NFPA, NEMA, NEC, ANSI)
Oil gas plant
Manufacturing industries
Power plants
Oil refinery
Project quality control requirements
Plans development requirements for review
Conformance to cad standards
Plans reviews
Design documentation requirements
Quality control responsibilities
Quality control reviews
Design review requirements of Electrical apparatus
Phase reviews Electrical Engineering
Review process of Plant
Review reports of Electrical Equipment
Checking of Electrical drawings Module-4 right-of-way, constructability, and bid ability reviews
Right-of-way reviews
Constructability review
Bid ability review
Method of documentation of comments, coordination and responses
Documentation of comments and responses
Requests for changes to the scope
Quality assurance
QA of consultant projects
reviews of consultant designs electrical Basis
Process improvement Oil and Gas
Management review
Internal and external project audit
Audit scheduling
Audit planning
Audit personnel
Audit reporting
Audit follow-up

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