QA QC Quality Control Mechanical Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

December 17, 2022


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Become an expert in QA QC Course for Mechanical engineer in Rawalpindi Pakistan At International College of technical Education.Mechanical QA QC Course from Ambit Automation covers all major aspects of the QA QC Course. Quality Assurance is about developing a process and forming a procedure through which the product is made. QA is monitoring the process and maintaining the standard level of the product and system along with QMS. QA engineer would develop a quality plan based on customer requirements and the QC engineer would monitor and ensure that all requirements of the quality plan are met by the product during manufacturing.This comprehensive course provides a systematic development of skills and knowledge of Piping and Mechanical QC based on international standards, industry job requirements, and step-by-step exploration of QA/QC activities. which provides a systematic development of skills and knowledge of QA / QC Engineer Mechanical with international standards.In today’s times, speciality certification programs are considered a mandatory requirement in almost all industries and are especially important to gain an edge.Mechanical Engineering is a study of solids or material science their physical properties, design, methods of analysis, manufacturing & testing.Mechanical QC training quality control training course provides the in-depth knowledge required for welding and piping inspection professionals including Technicians, Inspectors and Engineers called upon to witness, supervise or conduct visual welding Inspection and Piping Inspection activities.It gives the essentials of Piping, welding fundamentals & Quality control inspection activities in various engineering industries. Our course has been essentially prepared to give detail of information to young and fresh engineers on international codes.The theoretical and practical sides of industrial visits are the major point of attraction of this course.

QAQC Course makes each student capable of doing following skills.
The key skills of a QA/QC engineer are;
Check Raw Material, Castings and Welded joint Check and monitor NDT requirements.
Check Raw Material, Castings and Welded joint Check and monitor NDT requirements.
Witnessing WQT,
PQR Monitoring and controlling the process as per WPS Visual inspection before,
during and after welding.
Arranging a test coupon after performing WQT.
Arranging for the destructive test for the PQR.
Quality Control Intervention points on the Inspection and Test Plans, ITP (Surveillance, Witness, Hold Point and Record Review)

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