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April 4, 2023


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Video editing is an important skill to have in today’s digital world. YouTube and other digital media platforms, the demand for video editors has exploded. An effective video editor must be creative, tech-savvy, and detail-oriented. A video editing course is an ideal way to learn the skills needed to become a successful video editor. A video editing course can teach you the basics, from understanding how to use software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, Canva, and After Effects to more complex topics like color correction and mixing. sound and tell stories. By the time you complete the course, you’ll have a better understanding of how to create compelling stories and edit videos that engage an audience. This course will also teach you how to use the latest video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Video editing courses are the most important in the global digital world. With these powerful tools, you will be able to create videos with a basic to professional look. You will also learn how to use various plugins and add-ons to improve your videos. Video editing isn’t just about the technical aspects; it’s also about the creative side of things. You’ll be able to experiment with different styles and techniques, such as time lapse, slow motion, and stop motion. You will also learn how to create transitions and special effects.

1. Getting started with Video (Introduction)
2. Understanding How Video works (devices & prerequisites, styles, formats etc.)
3. Introduction to Editing Basics, Tools & Interfaces
4. Importing Media & Editing Techniques (Basic & Advanced)
5. Mastering the timeline & workflow
6. Understanding Transitions, Elements, Titles & Effects
7. Working with Sound
8. Colour Correcting
9. Exporting
10. Content Creation & Independent Video Project.

The video editing course will also help you learn how to create different types of footage and find the right music to add to your videos. Finally, the video editing course will allow you to practice the skills you’ve learned. You will have the opportunity to work on real projects and get feedback from experienced video editors. This way, you can hone your skills and become a professional video editor.

The education system emphasizes a mind-opening approach to enhance information seeking and emphasizes young people’s ability to build confidence to face the tumultuous world of global business. . The main objective of the institute is to provide high quality physical/online management, engineering, security and IT courses. iso. We analyze and recognize talent at all levels by providing a variety of certifications, career listings, skill and content frameworks, and other resources. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video editor, a video editing course is the perfect way to learn the skills you need to become an effective video editor. You’ll get a solid understanding of the technical and creative side of video editing, and you’ll be able to practice your skills and create great videos. With a video editing course, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful video editor. By the end of a video editing course, you’ll have acquired a solid skill set that will help you create stunning videos. You will be able to create videos that are visually influenced by skills and you will be able to create videos that stand out from the rest. With the knowledge you gain, you will be able to create amazing videos that will engage your viewers.

Course Fee: 18,000
Course Duration: Two Months
For Registration: 051-6122937, 0092-311-5193625, 0092-335-4176949

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