Petroleum Engineering Diploma Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

October 2, 2023
1 Year/ 2Year


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Petroleum Engineering Diploma in Rawalpindi

The oil industry is evolving every day and it needs effective professionals who can change the whole aspect of the field, putting in significant efforts. Through this course, one will be able to gain insight into the oil and gas industry, both technical and non-technical. After completing the petroleum engineering degree, students can specialize in several areas like- Petroleum Geology, Process Equipment, Refinery and Petrochemical Engineering, Petroleum Production Engineering. The educational system emphasis mind-streching approch that increase information seeking aptitude and emphasises abilities to boost young confidence in dealing with the turmoil of the global corporate world.

Course Outline:

Chemistry of Oil and gas
Reservoir properties
Permeability and saturation
Paraffins and Asphaltenes
Well productivity engineering
Production from two-phase reservoirs
Gas reservoir production.

For Registration: 0092-311-5193625 / 0092-335-4176949
Petroleum Engineering Diploma in Rawalpindi

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