NVQ Level 6 Health & Safety Diploma in Lahore

March 26, 2023


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NVQ Level 6 Health & Safety Diploma in Lahore


This higher level qualification is usually aimed at senior managers who have specific responsibilities for health and safety both in the workplace and among employees.
This it NVQ is available entirely online via our eLearning portal.
Evidence evaluation impractical The Level 6 Diploma is tailored to the skill and knowledge of the learner. The assessment is completed by gathering evidence during routine business activities, e-learning platform. As an international qualification, there are no geographic restrictions on who can take or apply for the course. Additionally, GradIOSH and CMIOSH membership options are available, but these are entirely at the discretion of the awarding agency.

Approximately 1,064 hours time dedication is required to be completed over a two year period. On average candidates complete this NVQ in 7-12 months

You continue your daily routine at work. The documents you have can be used as proof of completion of this Level 6 NVQ.NVQ Level 6 in Pakistan Health and Safety. The education system emphasizes a mind-broadening approach that enhances information-seeking skills and emphasizes the ability of young people to build confidence in coping with the turmoil of the global corporate world. The main purpose of this institute is to provide high quality management, engineering, security and IT physics/online courses. For accreditation, the institution is affiliated with the Government of Pakistan, PSDA and is also an international accreditation agency for the UK, USA, Canada and ISO. We analyze and recognize talent at all levels by offering a variety of certifications, professional registrations, content and competency frameworks, and other resources.

There are 10 required units to study, covering a wide range of subjects from promoting a positive safety culture to developing emergency procedures.
1. Foster a positive health and safety culture
2. Formulation and implementation of health and safety policy
3. Development and implementation of effective communication systems for safety and health information
4. Develop and maintain individual and organizational capacity in health and safety matters
5. Identify, assess and manage health and safety risks
6. Develop and implement proactive health and safety monitoring systems
7. Develop and implement a reactive health and safety monitoring system
8. Development and implementation of health and safety emergency systems and procedures
9. Development and implementation of safety and health review system
10. Maintain knowledge of improvements affecting health and safety practices

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