Livestock Management Food Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan

April 3, 2023
Three Months


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Management Courses

Livestock Management & Food Course

Livestock Management courses focus on using biological and chemical concepts to produce and maintain livestock animals as well as produce and handle products. The important topics taught in Livestock Management courses include education in animal sciences, range sciences, nutrition sciences, food science and technology, biochemistry, breeding, animal health, and safety.

Livestock Management is the study of management programs and the concept of livestock for maximum output. Moreover, it is a recognized course in agriculture and veterinary science. Also, this course is especially for the study of the science of livestock, their planning, food, and medication. The main objective of this course is to teach every necessary thing required for the best management of livestock. Livestock is a vast concept and takes time to understand and get the skill. So you have to invest time if you want to learn about it. Livestock management can be divided into two types. The first one is macro livestock management and the other is micro livestock management.

Macro Livestock Management

Macro Livestock generally refers to large mammals. Moreover, they are generally limited in number and each of them requires special attention Also, the yield is very high from a single entity For Example – Cow, Goat, Pigs, and more.

Micro Livestock Management

Micro Livestock generally refers to small animals and insects which live in a group Moreover, they are generally large in number where foods and medicines are provided at one time Also, the yield is low from a single entity. However they are in a large group, final yield is much high. For Example – Fishes, Bees, Silkworm, and more.

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