IADC Rig Pass course in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

March 14, 2023


Safety Courses

IADC Rig Pass course in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
This course is fully accredited by the IADC. The duration of the course is 5 days. Training provides the drilling crew with a knowledge base to demonstrate that all employees are aware of industry standards and legislation in all aspects of safety.

Rig Pass curriculum addresses the following:

Capacity to apply concepts and procedures to real situations
Appraise strategies and outcomes
Problem solving
1. Introduction – Educational Objective
2. General Safety – Principles of Conduct, Alcohol and Drug Policy, Weapons and Firearms Policy, Personal Conduct, Housekeeping, Chain of Command/Communication, Accident/Incident Reporting, Drivers Safety
3. PPE – Ladders, Face and Eyes, Feet, Hands, Hearing, Falls (Slips, Trips, Fall Protection), Respirators, PFDs, and other PPE exhibits and demonstrations.
4 Hazard Communication, Transport of Hazardous Materials, Waste Disposal and Minimization, Environmental Compliance,
5. Occupational Health – Employee Responsibilities, Certain Health Hazards (H2S, NORM, Benzene and Toluene, Sand, Asbestos, Acids and base).
6. Special Work Procedures – General (Lockout/Tagout, Entering Confined Spaces, Hot Work, etc.)
7. Fire Protection – Prevention, Responsibility.
8. Material transport – machinery, back protection.
9. First Aid
10. Rig/Platform Environment.
11. Emergency procedures.

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