HSE Engineering Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan

March 20, 2023
Two Years


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HSE Engineering Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan:

The Safety Engineering Certificate prepares graduates for positions in several areas of safety engineering. Students who complete two years of the following courses will receive a Safety Engineering Certificate. This certificate is administered by the International Center for Process Safety. The Safety Engineering Certificate is awarded to students annually in the spring of 1994. The Safety Program Coordinator reviews each student’s course work prior to issuing the certificate; The Coordinator and Dean must then approve each student before a certificate is awarded. The application of human factors (ergonomics) and engineering practices in preventing accidents and reducing health risks in the workplace is presented. Particular attention is paid to risk detection and remediation as well as to the legislation and application of applicable laws in the field of occupational safety and health.

Topic Covered:

Sustainability & Human-Centered Design; Product Safety & Liability; Hazard Assessment, Prevention & Control; Safety-First Corporate Culture; Ethical Behavior in Organizations & Company’s Role; Best Practices in Safety Management; Accidents & Their Effects; Injuries & Workers’ Compensation; Theories of Accident Causation; Integrated Approaches to Safety & Health; Personal Monitoring for Radiation Hazards; Noise & Vibration Hazards; Fall Protection Standards; Safety Training & A Teamwork Approach to Promoting Safety; Historical Perspectives & Community Right-to-Know Act; Risk Reduction Strategies; Human Factors & Ergonomic Hazards; Economics of Ergonomics; Patient Safety & Human Aspects of Healthcare; Industrial Medicine & Robots; Nano-scale Materials, Industrial Hygiene & Confined Spaces; Green Chemistry & the EPA; Quality Management and Safety; OSHA Policies & European REACH Regulations for Toxic Chemicals; Comparing ISO Processes & Standards on Environment, Risk Management, Energy Management, Quality & Ergonomics.

HSE Engineering Course Contents:

1:Introduction to Occupational Health and safety
2:Advanced risk assessment and Management
3:Electrical Safety & Manual Handling
4:Work place safety
5:Mechanical and Ergonomic hazards
6:Waste management & Environmental pollution
7:Road safety
8:Fire protection Behavioral based safety
9:Incident investigation and root cause analysis Construction safety
10:Major diseases to be caused at work place
11:Industrial safety.
12:Contractors safety
13:Emergency response and preparedness.
14:Common industrial & work related hazards

Course Fee: 60000 PKR
Duration: Two Years

HSE Engineering Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, HSE Engineering Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

For Registration: 0092-311-5193625 / 0092-335-4176949

The Safety Engineering Certificate prepares the graduate for positions in several areas of safety engineering.

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