H2S Safety course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

October 16, 2023


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Safety Courses

H2S Safety course in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Course Overview:

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a highly toxic and flammable gas. Every year, US workers are injured or killed by exposure to her H2S. H2S Awareness describes the properties of H2S, identifies control measures, and demonstrates what to do if exposed.

Who should take the course?

H2S exposure risks exist in many industries, including but not limited to oil and gas, pulp and paper, construction and mining. All workers in workplaces where they may be exposed to H2S should participate in H2S awareness training. Workers at risk of exposure to H2S and/or performing rescue operations also require H2S Alive and workplace-specific training.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize H2S as a highly toxic gas
  • Permit to Work System
  • Emergency Response Plan and Mock Exercises
  • Testing Equipments, Installations and Calibration
  • Describe the properties of H2S and workplace environments where H2S may be found
  • Know the possible symptoms of exposure to low concentrations and to higher concentrations
  • Understand that exposure to high concentrations can lead to unconsciousness and death within minutes, or even second.
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