EFI Hybrid Car Scanner Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

January 31, 2023


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A hybrid car uses more than one means of energy, combining a petrol or diesel engine with
an electric motor, and the two systems work with each other to move the vehicle. This
allows the car to burn less gasoline, achieving better fuel efficiency than a traditional
engine that solely uses fuel does. Electric power serves to boost the performance of the
engine. Hybrids, except for plug-in hybrids, charge the battery through its internal
system, so they do not need recharging. Plug-in hybrids are a halfway house between
conventional cars and all-electric vehicles. So, they run on both an electric motor and
an internal combustion engine but can charge its battery by “plugging in” to an outside
electrical source.Quite simply, a hybrid combines at least one electric motor with a
gasoline engine to move the car, and its system recaptures energy via regenerative braking.
Sometimes the electric motor does all the work, sometimes it’s the gas engine, and
sometimes they work together. The result is less gasoline burned and, therefore, better
fuel economy. Adding electric power can even boost performance in certain instances.

Hybrid Car Technology Course Outline:

Electric Vehicles Introduction
Hybrid Vehicles Introduction
Types of Electric Vehicles and Range Anxiety
Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Vehicles
Principle of Energy Hybridization of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Hybridization of drivetrains in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Vehicular Efficiency and Energy Saving Potential
Autonomous Electric Vehicle
Google’s Self Driving Autonomous Electric Vehicle
Battery range, life, and recycling
Types of Batteries used in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Charging Stations of Electric Vehicles
Charging Time of an Electric Vehicle
Charging Methods of an Electric Vehicle

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