DIT (Diploma In Information Technology) Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan


March 20, 2023
One Year


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DIT (Diploma In Information Technology) Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan:

The Diploma of Information Technology is an information technology degree course. Information technology is the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of voice, visual, textual and digital information by means of a microelectronics-based combination of computers and telecommunications. In India, different institutes offer this course but its duration (the duration of this course is one year) is not the same and varies from place to place. The minimum time to complete the degree is also not the same. This degree course can also be offered by some part-time institutes and its program is divided into three semesters. ICTE is intended to provide technical knowledge and skills in computer science and in the field of information technology (IT) or to students who wish to continue their studies in the field of computer science. The management board decided not to recruit/register new students for the Diploma of Information Technology, effective from September 20, 2019. This decision does not affect currently enrolled students, as their course units will continue to be available for them to study and graduate, and the degree will be in “taught” study mode for the next two years. . . The Diploma of Information Technology (DIT) lays the groundwork for computer science, computer hardware and architecture, web and multimedia technology, operating systems, and database technology. It is offered as a hands-on experience and a course with different computer technologies, in individual and collaborative modes. It also provides an appropriate entry point for employment in the information technology industry or entry into the second year of a relevant bachelor’s course.

DIT Course Contents:

1:Introduction to information technology
2:Hardware Software storage devices
3:Fundamentals of Network
3:Introduction to database
5:Ms Access
6:Graphic Designing
7:Operating System
8:Office Automation
9:Computer Language C/C++

Course Fee: 30000 PKR
Duration: One Year

DIT (Diploma In Information Technology) Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, DIT (Diploma In Information Technology) Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

For Registration: 0092-311-5193625 / 0092-335-4176949

Diploma in Information Technology is a Diploma level Information Technology course.

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