Diploma in Office Management Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

October 2, 2023


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Office management courses mainly provide opportunities to learn the use of the latest technology such as using personal computers, laptops, word processing, spreadsheet, payrolls and desktop publishing software to run the office smoothly.

  • Diploma in Office Administration is a short-term diploma-level program specializing in the administration of office work. The duration of the diploma course ranges from 6 months to 1 year depending upon the college.

What is Office Management :

DIPLOMA IN OFFICE MANAGEMENT is a Diploma level Administrative Law course. Confirmation in Office Management trains labor with learning and aptitudes for taking care of general obligations of an office for the powerful administration and organization of staff and assetsFor example, upkeep of information, documents and records, payrolls organization, space the executives, office correspondence, office the executives for everyday working, planning gatherings and so forth.

  • It additionally gives fundamental administration information required by the individuals who will at last expect positions as office supervisors. In the wake of passing the course understudies have such huge numbers of managerial positions both openly and private area associations.
  • This programme is designed for those who will ultimately seek positions as Office Managers and provides students with the knowledge necessary for the efficient administration of staff and resources.
  • The programme is particularly suitable for experienced and mature office staffs who seek a recognised.Office Management qualification for career advancement purposes.
  • Diploma in Office Management trains manpower with the requisite knowledge and skills for handling general responsibilities of an office for effective management.
  • A sound knowledge of office management will facilitate great help in administering staff and resources such as maintenance of data, files & records, payrolls administration, space management, office communication and office facility management etc.
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