Diploma in Information Technology Course in Pakistan

March 14, 2023
One Year


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Diploma in Information Technology Course in Pakistan

A computer science degree is the first step towards earning a degree in computer science. IT is at the heart of every industry. We create more efficient ways of working, reach customers in engaging ways, and build strong lines of communication. A computer science degree gives you the skills you need to succeed in a changing world of technology.
Program details:

Computer Information Technology (CIT) is a unique program aimed at training students to become technical experts in a variety of computer technologies, including databases, network administration, web technologies, and security. Graduates become IT specialists responsible for planning, deploying, managing, and configuring an organization’s computing infrastructure. The education system emphasizes a mind-broadening approach that emphasizes young people’s ability to improve information-seeking skills and build confidence to cope with the turmoil of the global corporate world. The main purpose of this institute is to provide quality control, engineering, security and IT physics/online courses. For accreditation, the institution is affiliated with the Government of Pakistan, PSDA and is also an international accreditation body for the UK, USA, Canada and ISO. We analyze and recognize talent at all levels by offering a variety of certifications, professional registrations, content and competency frameworks, and other resources.

Course Outline:
Semester – I
DIT 01- Introduction to Information Technology
DIT 02- Office Automation
DIT 03- Web Designing & Desktop publishing
DIT 04- C Programming & Data Structure
DIT 05- Operating System & Proxy Server (MCP Track)
DIT 06- Core Hardware & PC Maintenance

Semester – II

DIT 07- Business Communication
DIT 08- Networking with Red Hat Linux & Wireless
DIT 09- E Commerce
DIT 10- Microsoft VB .Net & ASP ,Net (MCSD Track)
DIT 11- Database & Information System
DIT 12- Final Project

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