Diploma in Human Resource Management Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

December 17, 2022


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Human Resource Management links people-related activities to business strategy. The course develops a critical understanding of the role and functions of the various human resource activities in an organisation, providing students with a comprehensive review of key HRM concepts, techniques and issues. Topics include job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, evaluation, performance management, occupational health and safety, and the strategic contribution of HRM to organisational performance and evaluating HRM effectiveness. Working with contemporary case studies, students not only engage in collaborative and individual work processes but use communication and discourse characteristic of the HRM context and environment.

Understand Strategic HRM Approaches (SHRM)
Describe the Role and Functions of the HR Department
Show understanding of Employee Resourcing, Recruitment & Reward
Describe Best Practice in Working with Employees and Assisting with Employee Problems
Understand Performance Management in a multi-cultural environment
State the Benefits of HR Planning and HR Ethics

Course Outline:
H.R.M development, models and strategic alignment.
HRM structures and HR manager’s profile and competencies.
Human resource planning and career development.
Job analysis and job redesign.
Affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and managing diversity.
Recruitment, selection and dismissal
Performance and evaluation.
Reward management.
Occupational health and safety.
Training and development.
Auditing HRM. Evaluating HRM’s contribution to organisational competitiveness.
Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

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