Diploma in Ac Technician Course in Peshawar Pakistan

December 17, 2022


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This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of “Field AC Technician-Air conditioner”, in the “Air Conditioning” industry. It aims at building the following key competencies in learners by the end of the course: · Describe the RAC industry and its importance · Define the roles and competencies of an RAC service assistant · Identify the RAC components and their role in the refrigeration cycle.AC Technician Course is a very important domain of building HVAC service which is having huge demand throughout the world. The following to be applied in a manner consistent with its purpose: Basic concepts of HVAC system, Knowledge about AC components and their working functions, Understanding of refrigeration cycle, Basic knowledge in electrical field.
Based upon the precaution checklist one should be capable of installing and also supervising the ease of handling and maintaining of tools, Preparation of installation checklist and service reports, Preventive maintenance, Diagnosis of troubleshooting and Behavior skills.Meanwhile one has to have the basic knowledge of unitary air conditioning unit’s installation, and also the estimation of works and time management.

Course Outline:
Introduction: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Safety
Fitting & Welding
Electricals & Electronics
Primary & secondary refrigerants
Thermal insulation
Gas Charging, Testing & Faults Diagnosis
Commercial RAC plants & Car air-conditioners 02
Industrial Visit
Project Works
Observation, Analysis of Carnot cycle
Non-Conventional AC system.
Electronic Controls, Transistors
Commercial Compressor & Capacity Control
Cooling Tower
Water Softening Plants, Chillers
AC controls
Erection of plants, Ducts, HVAC, and VAV system
Psychrometry, Heat load estimation,
Commissioning & preventive maintenance of different plants

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