Crane Rigger Safety Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

April 3, 2023


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In the crane and the construction industry the role of a rigger is an essential one. It involves the safe lifting and placement of very heavy objects. Very often, because of the large size of the load or location disadvantage, the view of the crane operator gets restricted. The operator is not able to get the full view of the crane operation. At such times a signalperson or a rigger is very much essential to guide the operation safely and successfully. The rigger co-ordinates with the crane operator in getting the load lifted and shifted safely.

There are significant safety issues to be considered, both for the operators of the diverse “lifting” devices and workers in proximity to them. Rigging equipment for material handling needs to be inspected before use on each shift to ensure safety.



  • Introduction to Rigging Safety
  • Key Terms and Definitions
  • Regulations overview
  • Overhead loading Workload limit
  • Design factor
  • Users Employees Contractors
  • Determine the load
  • Operating limitations
  • Crane operating capacity
  • Sling capacity
  • Working load limit
  • Types of  slings
  • Sling angle
  • Load stability
  • Safe crane operations
  • Standard hand signals
  • Clear areas
  • Flying load
  • Environmental considerations
  • Chemical conditions  and exposure
  • Safe rigging practices
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