Computerized Accounting Course in Rawalpindi

January 30, 2021


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Computerized Accounting Course in Rawalpindi

This course introduces students to a multi-module accounting software program designed for small to medium-size businesses. Students will use the software and their knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to create and maintain accounting records, including period end procedures and the creation of financial statements for sole proprietorship. Diploma in Computerized Accounting is a dual level programme aiming to offer candidates the advanced knowledge of computerized accounting. The course offers students a complete detail of computerized accounting by using the electronic medium. The program concentrates on instilling candidates with the technicalities and training in accounts sector helping them build their careers surrounding the fields.
Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

Use a multi-module accounting software program by:
a) processing a variety of accounting transactions;
b) converting a manual accounting system to a computer based system;
c) prepare Financial Statements on the completion of the accounting cycle in a timely fashion.

Course Content:
1. Overview & Introduction
2. General Ledger
3. Accounts Payable
4. Accounts Receivable
5. Payroll
6. Inventory and Services
7. Bank Reconciliations
8. Budgeting
9. Project Accounting
10. Overview and Introduction to a second accounting software package

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Computerized Accounting Course in Rawalpindi

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