Civil Surveyor Diploma Course in Pakistan

March 14, 2023


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Civil Surveyor Diploma Course in Pakistan

The main objective of the programme of Civil Surveying is to educate students in order for them to achieve sufficient knowledge, skills and width of view to meet the demands of the job market and the national development objectives.
Educational Objectives
Specifically, the programme is intended:
To train and produce diploma graduates who are well grounded with skills and knowledge in the Civil Engineering Surveying discipline;
To train students towards research and development;
To instill entrepreneurial skills in students so as to ensure competitiveness;
Employ practical thinking with commitment to economic, innovative and optimum use of resources;
Train engineering surveyors who are aware of the latest global challenges and how to handle them;
Promote professionalism, work ethics and social values;
Have a good understanding of the technical vocational foundation of Civil Engineering Surveying to facilitate self learning, particularly of experiential knowledge, and professional development.
Course Outline:
Surveying in relation to engineering and construction
Implementing survey data management (I.E. GIS, BIM) techniques
Generating survey contracts and recording keeping
Basics of geodesy, including performing calculations using angles, distances, and trigonometry
Least squares adjustments uses, theory, calculations, basic closure computations
Leveling and total station calculations including calculating percent grades
Construction surveying calculations for radial construction stakeout, area computations, earthwork, and volume computations
Horizontal and vertical curve computations
Basics of geodesy and calculating 2D, 3D, horizontal and vertical positions with respect to appropriate geodetic datums
Basic calculations for coordinate transformations using latitude and longitude
Learning to differentiate between various map projections
Learning to establish control for a given survey
Recognizing available satellite systems (GNSS)
Explain and plan for a terrestrial laser scanning survey, a mobile laser scanning and mapping survey, hydrography, and an aerial laser scanning photogrammetry survey
Recognize the equipment and field-to-finish software used for a terrestrial laser scanning survey, a mobile laser scanning and mapping survey, and an aerial laser scanning and photogrammetry survey

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