Civil Lab Technician Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

December 17, 2022


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The purpose of this qualification is to provide the civil engineering industry with people who can troubleshoot and evaluate civil engineering testing results and lead a team to ensure quality management of civil engineering laboratory activities and information, which is vital for engineers in the design and quality control of civil engineering projects.This is a technical level qualification in a specialised area of work. Individuals entering this qualification should possess the knowledge and skills required to work in, or be currently working in, a civil engineering laboratory. Graduates will be capable of working independently without supervision, in at least one of the following contexts: aggregate, asphalt, bitumen, concrete, field investigations, and soil.The tests include determination of specific gravity, fineness, normal consistency, setting times, workability and soundness of cement, fineness modulus of fine and coarse aggregate, strength of cement mortar, cement concrete and bricks, tensile test on steel rods, bending and flexural strength on concrete, bending test on wood, and non destructive test on concrete. Civil Lab Technician Course in Bagh Muzaffarabad AJK. Best Diploma in Civil Lab Technician Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan, The students will be able to infer the suitability of these materials for construction. They can design the mix, make the specimens and test the same for the strength for comparison with design strength. Conducting testing of aggregates by identifying the sample, collecting and conducting tests on sieve analysis, specific gravity, water absorption, moisture content, dry loose bulk density and bulkage for fine aggregates
Conducting testing of soil by identifying the sample, collecting and conducting tests on soil gravity, compaction, direct shear, permeability and liquid, plastic and shrinkage limit
Conducting testing of cement and mortar by identifying the sample, collecting and conducting tests on normal consistency, initial and final setting time
Conducting testing of concrete by collecting the sample, arranging and testing the slump and compaction of concrete, checking the flow for self-compacting concrete, performing V funnel and L box test for concrete, testing the comprehensive strength of concrete cubes
Preparing the cast and curing the cement mortar and concrete for tests
Performing tasks under health, safety and environmental regulations

Civil Lab Technician Diploma Course Content:
Soil Section Testing
Aggregate Section
Concrete Section
Asphalt Section
Bitumen Section
Cement Section
Steel Section

5 Days a Weeks Class Timing
Morning & Evening Shift
Course Fee: 30,000
Duration: Six Months
ForRegistration: 00923115193625 / 00923354176949

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