CCTV Technician Diploma Course in Pakistan

March 14, 2023


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CCTV Technician Diploma Course in Pakistan

This training course has been designed and developed to take a trainee Technician or Electrician through the technical requirements that are needed to install a modern CCTV system in a commercial application.
The course content was developed to help the technician to understand the concept of CCTV Technology through various stages.This CCTV course will train you to strategically locate cameras so you can look at certain regions of your home and business. How cameras Communicate with monitors (Audio) and the pictures (images and videos) are shown to the persons who are authorized to it. This presents the most reliable stage of security. This device is reliable and is regularly used for visitor monitoring, constructing and grounds security, clinical centers, and different important purposes. a CCTV camera can also be used to keep your house, business, and its occupants are more secure. you can watch it on the screen, a computer, and even on your Smartphone. The educational system emphasis mind-streching approch that increase information seeking aptitude and emphasises abilities to boost young confidence in dealing with the turmoil of the global corporate world. The institute’s primary goal is to give high-quality management, technical, Safety & IT Physical / Online courses.For certification, this institute is affiliated with the Govt of Pakistan, PSDA also international certfication awarding body to UK, USA, Canada, ISO. We analyse and recognize talent at all levels by providing a variety of certifications, professional registrations, content and skill framework, and other resources.

Introduction of CCTV System:

·What is the CCTV system and its uses
·What is a Camera
·Types of CCTV Camera
·360, Panoramic and megapixel technology
·Components of Basic camera
·Types of Camera Lens
·CCTV Video signals (H 264, Mpeg 2)
·Cabling and connectors (CAT5, CAT6 & Coax)
·Camera types, specifications, Lens types & Scene illumination.
·Monitors and Multiple screen displays
·Crimping BNC, CAT5 & keystone connectors

Planning &Design:

·Overview of CCTV technologies and products
·Risk assessment and site surveys
·CCTV system design and product selection
·Effective lighting for CCTV applications
·Selecting the best camera and lens combination
·Types of recording devices
·Using transmission devices
·Introduction to recording resolution, frames per second & lens sizes
·System Planning – costing, installation, maintenance

CCTV Cabling:

.How to design a cable run
.Types of Cable
.Quality of Cable
.Gauge of Cable
.Motorised Lens
.Housing and Mounting
.Video Balloon
.Type of Connectors
.Installing CCTV cameras with RG59 & CAT5
.Installing junction boxes
.Installing passive and active balun for long CCTV cable run

Power Supplies:

.Type of Power Supply
.Connection of Power Supply
.Load Calculation
.Fault & Repairing of Power Supply
.Power including designing POE requirements

CCTV Installation:

.Install and maintain video over coaxial cable and UTP
.Configure and program digital recording devices
.Assembling a CCTV system Troubleshooting using CCTV tester
.Set up a range of color, day/night and dome cameras
.Run cable properly and terminate the cable with connectors
.Twisted pair and fiber
.IP camera installation (IP installer for IP cameras, parameter setting)

·Configure motorized zoom, varifocal, aspherical, and fixed lenses
·Configure an IP/Network CCTV solution
·Use test equipment effectively
·AHD, HDTVI and HDSDI explained

DVR (Digital Video Recorders)&NVR (Network Video Recorders):

.Frames Configuration of DVR/NVR
.Internal Setting of DVR/NVR
.Front and Back Panel of DVR/NVR
.Wiring Connections of DVR/NVR
.Types of Storage Device
.Frames Configuration of DVR/NVR
.Internal Setting of DVR/NVR
.Front and Back Panel of DVR/NVR
.Wiring Connections of DVR/NVR
.Types of Storage Device
.Hard Disc Installation
.HDD configuration in DVR/NVR
.HDD Formatting through DVR/NVR Menu
.Digital storage and retrieval
.Time-lapse recording. Reviewing video footage
.DVR/NVR Connections
.Audio Connection in DVR/NVR
.IP Camera and NVR technologies
.IP Camera and NVR Installation and Configuration
.Output to TV and Monitor
.DVR/NVR operation and settings
.USB back up from DVR/NVR

Networking for CCTV:

.Network (LAN, WAN, IP)
.Communicating through LAN & WAN
.Setting up IP and HD analog CCTV systems
.IP Address configuration
.Ping Reply
.Remote Viewing of cameras
.Wiring and connections
.Learning about different types of router
.Modem or router configure
.DVR Port Forwarding
.DVR Software installation in computer and Mobile phone
.Viewing of cameras on Smartphone & another computer through the same .Wi-Fi or another internet
.Private and public IP address
.Assigning a local area IP address to a DVR and an IP camera
.CCTV monitoring and control over LAN/ WAN/ Internet
.Configuring domain name server (DNS)
.Integrating CCTV with existing network
.P2p connectivity
.Stand-alone IP Cameras configuration


.Hardware Troubleshooting
.Software Troubleshooting
.Camera and Recorder Troubleshooting
.Fault findings test and techniques
.Using test equipment, meters, and tools

CCTV Repair & Maintenance:

.Diagnosing and rectifying common faults
.Fault finding techniques
.Locating and rectifying cable faults
·Measuring video levels
.Identifying faults in video transmission systems
.Optimization of camera tracking and focus
.IP diagnosis and repair
.Servicing recording devices
.Maintenance requirements

Selling Security Systems:

·Examining & Understanding the psychology of your buyer
·The importance of good planning & a strong introduction
·Uncovering, identifying, and committing the customer on their needs
.How to effectively present your products and solutions

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