Autocad 2D 3D Computer Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Dubai, Afghanistan

March 20, 2023
03 Months


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Autocad 2D 3D Computer Course In Rawalpindi, Pakistan:

Welcome to this course,if you are looking to gain new proficiency in autocad 2D and 3D then this course is for you.
It is prepared at a subsidized rate for students as it is an online course hosted on macaranta.AUTOCAD COURSE OUTLINE Fundamentals of AutoCAD Course Content While the Fundamentals course is generic in nature, you have the option of specializing in Architectural, Mechanical, or Electrical drawings as part of the course. The architectural, mechanical, or electrical information is included in addition to the main units. You can select one of the specialization’s. Architectural Track. You will specifically work on architectural CAD drawings.You’ll follow a workflow-based approach that mirrors the development of projects in the real world, learning 2D drawing skills, editing entities, working with splines and polylines, using layers, creating and editing text, dimensioning, and creating blocks.

AutoCAD 2D & 3D Course Contents:

  • Introduction To AutoCAD
  • Understanding AutoCAD Interface
  • Application of Basic drawing tools
  • Coordinating Systems in AutoCAD 2d ( Drawing Lines using Cartesian Coordinates)
  • Circles and Arc, Polylines, Ellipses
  • Drawing and Modifying Objects
  • Layers, object snap, Templates
  • Drawing Precision ( Polar tracking, Snap & Grid)
  • Adding Text
  • Drawing Lines Using Polar Coordinates
  • Hatching, Modifying Hatches
  • Printing
  • Isometric Drawing
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