AC Technician Course in Pakistan

April 4, 2023


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AC Technician Course in Pakistan

Air Conditioning is a short term course and the complete syllabus of the course is covered in under two semesters. Air conditioning technicians may sometimes be referred to as HVACR technicians and are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. These professionals work in industrial, residential and commercial settings. AC Technician course is 3 month duration of complete course that have 1 month theory & 2 month practical work.

Reasons to get an AC technician service:
Purify the air quality
Extends the AC’s life
Reduce cooling and heating cost
Increase the AC system’s efficiency
Lessen the expensive repairs
Reduce the humidity indoors
Eliminate the extra noise

The general topics covered in the two semesters are given below –

Semester 1

Introduction: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Safety
Fitting & Welding
Electricals & Electronics
Primary & secondary refrigerants
Thermal insulation
Gas Charging, Testing & Faults Diagnosis
Commercial RAC plants & Car air-conditioners 02
Industrial Visit
Project Works
Semester 2

Observation, Analysis of Carnot cycle
Non-Conventional Refrigeration system.
Electronic Controls, Transistors
Commercial Compressor & Capacity Control
Cooling Tower
Water Softening Plants, Chillers
Refrigerant controls
Food Preservation, Refrigerants, Lubrication
Erection of plants, Ducts, HVAC, VAV system
Psychometric, Heat load estimation,
Commissioning & preventive maintenance of different plants

Course Fee: 30,000

Course Duration: Three Months

For Registration: 051-6122937, 0311-5193625, 0092-335-4176949

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