AC technician Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

April 4, 2023


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AC technician Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan
AC technicians, also called air conditioning mechanics and installers, specialize in the installation, maintenance or repair of air conditioning units in homes. Although technicians tend to specialize in one of the two areas, they are trained to be able to both install and perform maintenance/repairs on AC units. Installers place equipment, as well as connect water supply lines, air pumps, wiring and controls. Maintenance and repair technicians keep systems operating efficiently by checking equipment and looking for leaks; they make repairs using hand and power tools, a variety of measurement gauges and acetylene torches. The educational system emphasis mind-streching approch that increase information seeking aptitude and emphasises abilities to boost young confidence in dealing with the turmoil of the global corporate world. The institute’s primary goal is to give high-quality management, technical, Safety & IT Physical / Online courses.For certification, this institute is affiliated with the Govt of Pakistan, Also international certfication awarding body to UK, USA, Canada, ISO. We analyse and recognize talent at all levels by providing a variety of certifications, professional registrations, content and skill framework, and other resources.

AC Transmission System
The AC transmission system is the one in which the alternating current is employed for the transmission of electric power. Nowadays, electric power is almost generated, transmitted and distributed in the form of AC supply.

Advantages of AC Transmission

The AC transmission system has the following primary advantages −
In an AC system, the electric power can be generated at high voltages (such as 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV, 11 kV).
The AC voltage can be increased with the help of a step-up transformer or can be decreased using the step-down transformer easily and efficiently. Therefore, the AC transmission permits to transmit the electric power at high voltages and to distribute it at lower voltages.
The repair and maintenance of AC substation and transmission lines is easy and less expensive.
The AC switchgears such as circuit breakers are cheaper than DC switchgear.

Disadvantages of AC Transmission
The following are the disadvantages of AC transmission system −
The construction of AC transmission lines is more complicated than the DC transmission lines.
AC transmission lines require more conductor material than the DC transmission lines as three wire are required for AC transmission.
The effective resistance of the AC transmission line is higher than DC transmission line. It is because the skin effect takes place in AC transmission line.
An AC transmission line has line capacitance. Therefore, there is a continuous power loss in the AC transmission line due to line charging current even when the line is open.

Course Outline:
Introduction to a/c
Refrigera nts and brines
Properties of air
Tools and measuring instruments
Refrigerant piping
Installation and fired practice
Commissioning and evaluation of system performance
Operations and maintenance
Preventive maintenance & service
Trouble shooting

Course Fee: 30,000

Course Duration: One Year

For Registration: 051-6122937, 0311-5193625, 0092-335-4176949

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