3D Max V-Ray Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

April 20, 2022
2 Months


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3D Max V-Ray Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

3DS Max with V-ray rendering is the state of the art tool for architectural visualization with photo-realistic images and an amazing rendering speed. LearnersPoint offers future-centric training for this state of the art program. This beginner to Advanced-level course has been designed to help you to kick-start your career in 3D architectural simulation design with confidence. The program also touches most advanced subjects like “reactor”, space warps, inverse kinematics etc. Students will directly benefit from unlimited tips and tricks that optimize their learning experience and resulting in higher productivity and efficiency which otherwise takes years to achieve. Comprehensive training in V-ray rendering will further help you create photo-real imagery and animation by adding lighting and shading to your scene.You will learn to create easy, and powerful modeling, high-end rendering, realistic 3D animation and also new features like 3ds Max Interactive, Arnold, for 3ds Max, 3ds Max Fluids and Spline workflows. Once you Learn 3ds Max you will be in demand in companies that need 3d visual skills like architectural firms and interior designers. complex Vray materials and correct postprocessing in Photoshop. You’ll be able to make some special schticks that will speed up your work in several times.If you’re a beginner in this business, this training will give you a quick start in the profession. It will take you about one month to become able to make professional renders, which are indistinguishable from photos.If you already work in 3ds max, in this course you’ll learn some special tricks with lighting and render settings, which are going to improve the quality of your renders.Architects, interior designers, decorators, graphic designers, artists, animators, TV graphic designers, art directors and anyone who is interested in creating 3D presentations. This course provides the base knowledge for higher level courses such as Vray, Max Modeling, Max Animation, Lighting, Vue xStream, etc.International College Of Technical Education in Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Course Outline:
1:Linear and Physical Workflow
2:Lighting Workflow
3:Using and Adjusting the V-Ray Physical Camera
4:Effective modeling
5:System settings and rules of the scene for good work
6:Setting of the camera
7:Photoshop and post-processing
8:In-depth Global Illumination
9:Image Sampling
10:Advance V-Ray Materials
11:Render Elements
12:Network Rendering

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