3D Max V-Ray Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

December 4, 2023
2 Months


Office # 27, Second Floor, Maryam Shadi Hall Plaza (Airies Plaza), Shamsabad, Murree Road,   View map


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3D Max V-Ray Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan:

3DS Max with V-ray rendering is the state of the art tool for architectural visualization with photo-realistic images and an amazing rendering speed. LearnersPoint offers future-centric training for this state of the art program. This beginner to Advanced-level course has been designed to help you to kick-start your career in 3D architectural simulation design with confidence.


  • complex Vray materials and correct postprocessing in Photoshop. You’ll be able to make some special schticks that will speed up your work in several times.
  • If you’re a beginner in this business, this training will give you a quick start in the profession. It will take you about one month to become able to make professional renders, which are indistinguishable from photos.

Course Outline:
1:Linear and Physical Workflow
2:Lighting Workflow
3:Using and Adjusting the V-Ray Physical Camera
4:Effective modeling
5:System settings and rules of the scene for good work
6:Setting of the camera
7:Photoshop and post-processing
8:In-depth Global Illumination
9:Image Sampling
10:Advance V-Ray Materials
11:Render Elements
12:Network Rendering

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